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Early Menopause

   Menopause is a condition when a woman is no longer menstruate. Menopause is a natural process that will occur in any woman before or at age 50. At that age your body will begin to stop producing sel eggs. So that nowadays, women's monthly menstrual period, it is falling because the sel egg is not fertilized. When you have menopause means no more sel eggs are produced and clear as well that can no longer pregnant or menstruating. It turns out that age younger women, even teenagers can experience early menopause or premature menopause, is indeed still a rare but there is no harm if from now on we know about the causes of premature menopause and try to prevent it.

The signs:
   Three to five years before menopause early, will be entering the perimenopause that the reaction can form excessive sweating, insomnia, changes in the surface of the skin and facial flushing (flashing). But the most obvious is irregular menstrual cycles and volume that is not stable. This condition continues until finally one day really do not menstruate at all.

The main cause:
   Early menopause that occurs because of interference with the channel ovary (premature ovarian failure) this causes the body no longer produce eggs. Reduction or cessation of egg production before this time could be due to:

- Ovarian Cancer
   The healing process of this cancer often requires the ovaries removed. The appointment is automatically ovaries will also cause the occurrence of menopause.

- Chemotherapy
   One of the treatment of cancer is through kamoterapi. In this process the body will be exposed to radiation which is used to kill cancer cells. And the effect eggs will dry up and the patient will experience early menopause.

- Stress or depression
   Stress or depression should not be easy, because if we stress let alone to depression, will affect the smooth circulation of blood in the body. Indirectly blood flow to the ovaries may also be disrupted and the edges are not able to reproduce perfectly.

- Smoking
   This activity is clearly going to disrupt our health. It is clear that the name is certainly a lot of toxic smoke that goes into our bodies, then also enter into the ovary.

   Early menopause can not be taken lightly, because patients with premature menopause are also at risk for heart disease and osteoporosis, because hormone produced by the body's diminishing. But that does not mean we are so paranoid first. If it turns out we are experiencing the symptoms as above, rush to the doctor checks. Instead of running late and regret later, it's better to prevent than to cure.
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